Revised For 2014--Additional Material Added.

All pages are scanned copies of the original, saved in .jpg format and should be able to be read with any paint/photo package.
Ideally a slide show type of program as in Windows XP will speed up the search.
If you are patient and systematic in searching you can locate any part required. Just like microfiche reader!
If you know the part number but are unsure where it is located then try the Alphabetical Listings & Index-- This lists all parts contained in the book in numerical sequence.
Text pages are titled thus-- MA1text
Picture pages (exploded views)are titled thus-- MA1-A1 (ie plate A1 to correspond with text page MA1)
Brackets --(MA1-A1)-- are used simply to keep the page lists within files in sequence when pages run to over 9.

Instructions for using the CD Parts Book Files

The following takes you through a search for Inlet & Exhaust valves on a 970cc engine.
Click the links below to open the page in a new screen.
Files are all grouped as they were in the original book. ie--engine/ignition/transmission/fuel/suspension/steering etc.
First locate where the item may be.
We are looking for Inlet & Exhaust valves for a 970 S type. ie 970cc engine.--so folder will be
Mechanical Service parts list AKD3509
Next locate Engines within this folder. MA1-MA69 Engines .Click to open in new screen.
Then click on MA1 - MA11 970cc -- the 970cc engine file.
Check "Index" page in file first so find where to locate part.
ie-- Cylinder head Valves and rocker shaft is on Page MA3-Plate A3.
Pages within the files are numbered thus--MA3text --is a page of text where the part numbers are located-- item numbers on these pages link to the parts in exploded views.
(MA3-A3) are the exploded views of parts to accompany the text pages and have the item numbers shown.
Click on (MA3-A3) for the exploded view. (MA3text) for the part numbers.
Valves are item numbers 17 & 18 on page MA3-A3. Now go to MA3text and there you have under illus no in centre column, middle of page, items 17 & 18.
So part numbers are AEA764 & AEA 765.

Additions for 2014
Woo Hoo!

BMC Special Tuning Of The Mini Cooper S showing ALL the special parts available with part numbers. Spotwelding Repair of the Mini Bodyshell -- Showing just how and where all the spotwelds in the bodyshell are and how to spotweld the outer panels to complete a restoration properly!

If you find a mistake or have any problems please let me know.
Email me ( with any questions or queries.


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